Benefits of Cialis And Purchasing It Online

Urologists would often prescribe Cialis for men who have erectile dysfunction as a supplementary treatment helping improve the male organ’s performance. Cialis is also used for treating the common ailment of prostate enlargement in older men.

Cialis works by restricting substances that affect the release of nitric oxide from the muscle cells of the penis. Technically known as PDE-5, the absence of the substance helps stimulate blood flow.

Better Than Viagra And Levitra

Cialis 100mg, 30 tablets box

Viagra and Levitra, considered primary pills for treating erectile dysfunction, have a half-life of over 4-5 hours. A half-life is the time the pill’s concentration would last inside the human body, which is often half the initial concentration it has before intake. The concentration of Cialis outside the body is about 36 hours, which earned it the name “the weekend pill.

Cialis has a half-life of 17 hours, the longest and most potent among existing medicines for erectile dysfunction.

Less Troublesome Side Effects

People who ingest Cialis are likely to experience facial flushing, stuffy nose, back pain, headaches or muscle aches. In some cases, indigestion — if Cialis is ingested with a full stomach — could occur.

These side effects are less severe compared to Viagra, which introduces abnormal vision, rashes, dizziness and even diarrhea. Levitra’s side effects are almost similar to Cialis despite being less potent than the latter.

However, all supplements would likely interfere with treatments for pulmonary arterial hypertension, low or high blood pressure, or eye treatments.

Allowed For Daily Use

Urologists would prescribe a daily dosage of 2.5mg to 5mg of Cialis for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. However, for sexual activity, 10 mg is the limit for 24 hours.

An urologist’s prescription may be required to procure higher Cialis dosages.

Upon ingestion, Cialis would take effect within 15 minutes. Lasting in the body for 17 hours, the drug’s added sexual stimulation would last for an estimated 36 hours.

Buying Online

Websites Coordinating With Pharmacists

Websites offering online medical prescriptions would sell Cialis to patients but only if they answer a questionnaire regarding their current health in full honesty. While Cialis does not require a urologist or medical professional’s prescription, some online websites or pharmacies might refuse to sell patients higher Cialis dosages, specifically dosages above 10mg.

Answer Questions Properly

Websites coordinating with pharmacies might refuse to sell patients any dosage of Cialis if the health questionnaire provided is answered inaccurately or the website finds reason to suspect dishonesty with how the questionnaire is answered.

Certain websites may also refuse to sell Cialis to patients without presenting a medical certificate. Medical certificates could be posted by creating an account. The issue could possibly be resolved through an email containing the medical certificate to the website’s helpdesk.

The presentation of a medical certificate guarantees the online pharmacy that the patient had informed their attending urologist about their prospective purchase of a certain Cialis dosage. It also represents the attending urologist’s approval of the purchase and dosage either as part of the patient’s treatment or for reasons including but not limited to sexual activities.